SuperFreak Skis is a manufacturer of high end custom carbon stand up Personal Watercraft (PWC's). These stand up jet skis are either designed for surf riding, flat water freestyle or some where in between depending on the rider's style.  The custom carbon ski runs (50-60 lbs) bare hull weight and the new fiberglass jet ski weighs 85lbs.  The carbon fiber has been pre-impregnated with Epoxy resin, laid into the molds by composite zombies, vaccum bagged then post cured in an oven giving it the highest weight to strength in the industry.
SuperFreak Skis are solely designed and Made in the USA.  
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We are now offering Glass SuperFreaks!!!!!!  Please contact  

 JetManiac SuperFreak 2011 - Flatwater session in Orlando, FL   

                                      Below: SUPERFREAK SKIS  Photo gallery slide show                   
                            FEATURED 2011 BADASS SUPERFREAK
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